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March 19 2015

How To Choose A Party DJ

It doesn't matter what type of party you plan, the music you choose is important for creating the atmosphere you need, and for keeping your party guests entertained. It could be a mellow affair of High Tea and sandwiches or even a rage till dawn to suit your needs and 200 of your closest friends, a professional DJ can appeal to your requirements. Some DJs focus on certain areas in which they think more comfortable, and it is important which you meet with and chose person who fits in with what you think that your party to be. There are also special ways to care for each type of party.
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Children's Party

Small kids requires a DJ who's outgoing, bubbly, patient and in touch with their level of thinking. They need an entertainer who is enthusiastic, and above all, friendly! This takes experience in dealing with various behavioural issues. Training should also have been undertaken by the DJ in what to do and what not to do! A DJ should have a 'Working With Children' ID card and also have experience dealing with children in other areas. He or she should be able to control the group, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.

Party games and special effects are a necessity for small kids. Does the DJ initiate and control games including 'Pass The Parcel'? Is there a light show, smoke machine or bubble machine? (Know about any asthmatic children in addition to their sensitivity to the 'smoke'). Will the DJ's entertainment package include lolly bags and prizes for that games? Some DJs provide a karaoke option, usually only appropriate for children over eight, though. Vegas Fight Parties

Keep your party relatively small in numbers to help ensure a fun here we are at all.

Teenage Disco

The DJ should have the expertise, skills and personality to motivate and entertain children from 11-16. This calls for training and experience. The mobile disco should come with up to date music and equipment of a professional quality. Is there a lighting show within the cost? Some DJs have the ability to offer synchronised lights, or shapes and hues which will excite and delight your guests. Is the equipment backed up, and regularly checked for safety?

Are you and your teenager able to access a music selection list online, to create a personalised list?

Will the DJ send written confirmation, provide replacement cover in the event he is unable to attend, and does he have insurance?

Choose a venue that's enclosed, not too big, and the number of guests to inside a manageable number.

Adult-Aged Parties

At all ages level, a DJ has to 'read' and respond to the group, more so with adults. Whereas kids are far more willing to participate in, adults can sometimes need encouragement to get up and dance! The DJ needs to be able to speak to your guests and motivate them to have a good time.

His music repertoire has to be extensive, if he's to cater for an extensive range of requests. With a good ear, he can couple songs together in a fashion that keeps everyone dancing, and join songs of the style together into blocks of comparable dances. Choosing someone using a high level of experience really helps to ensure you get someone who are designed for any type of crowd, and will be organised and reliable.

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